Oh Cold Calling is so Scary!

Fri, Jan 28, 2011

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The Agenda On a Cold Call

Most of the newbies are scared to death when it comes to cold calling prospects.
One of the biggest mistakes they make is pitching about their business opportunity there and then and that can lead to good amount of rejection so their fear is justified.

Now there is a difference between an amateur approach to a cold call and working with an Agenda.The Agenda is to find more about the prospect’s desire to make a change in his lifestyle.

Here is the agenda that most proffessional network marketers use on a cold call

1. Introduction and an Opening question-

Hi, is Bob in please? Hi Bob I am Lali Sandhu calling from Seattle, Washington. The purpose of my call is that you recently requested some information from me about starting your own business.


You recently requested some information from one of my websites ( it is better than saying I got your name from a list) to start your own business.


You were referred to me as some one serious about starting your own business.

Is that Correct? (Wait for a yes)

2. Ask for a permission to continue –

Am I catching you at a good time to talk, Now this is important because your prospect may be busy in his office or at home with his kids or his parents are over at his place or he is sitting for a regular check up at his family doctor’s clinic.

3. Probe and Qualify

You have to work with the best so you should be one asking questions. Asking questions not only puts you in the driver’s seat but also helps you uncover the real reasons your prospect may be looking for a new business. You will love to work with those who have strong reasons to work with you.

Questions can be anything like

  • What do you do currently?
  • What do you don’t enjoy you currently do?
  • Are you looking for a part time or a full time income?
  • How much money are you looking to make?
  • What are the reasons you are looking for new business  options.

Now if we are satisfied with the answers we focus on the qualifying part.

It sounds to me you are the right person for our business. So I am going to send you some information about our company(through mail or a link to a website with a presentation) so that you can make an informed decision whether that makes sense to you.

4. Follow up and Close

Once you have given the information you can book up a follow up appointment. This can be anything from a 3 way call with your upline or addressing their objections or giving them more information and some more validation about your company. But first take their temperature if they are not interested there is no point convincing them just move on.

Once you get a hang of it, things become more easy from hereon.

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2 Responses to “Oh Cold Calling is so Scary!”

  1. Marcus Baker Says:

    A good guide to prospecting Lali! The most important thing you can do when approaching anybody about your business is to ask many questions and spend most of your time listening very carefully. This is what will help you to know what to ask next.



    lali Reply:

    Of Course Marcus. We are in the listening industry and which means listening very carefully and paying attention to what our prospect says. This helps great when it comes to forming relationships and working with the right prospects. Thanks for passing by.



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